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Saturday, July 26, 2014

We the People Have Standing

We the People Have Standing

""Much more than Obamacare is at stake with John Boehner's lawsuit. The very legitimacy of the Obama administration is on the line. This is a much bigger deal than any policy squabble, however important the policy. Can a president really flout explicit provisions in the Constitution with impunity?

President Obama systematically refuses to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. The Supreme Court, to protect the Constitution, its own institutional integrity, and its reputation, well might rule on this. Obama's breaches of Constitutional faith have been blatant and repeated. Not content with having fulfilled his true electoral mandate to bring home the troops and restore America to a peacetime footing, which this columnist has praised, Obama, by being unfaithful to a clear Constitutional directive, has put his legitimacy at risk.

Comes now John Boehner to checkmate a renegade President. Simply by bringing this action Boehner deserves to go down in history as a great Speaker, a great defender of liberty, and a statesman. If he wins, as well he might: Checkmate, Obama.""

In a republic, the peoples representatives, make the laws at the direction of the constitution. If the executive branch fails to abide by those laws, the public is harmed. The risk is chaos. The danger to every citizen is real and life threatening. To say the house of representatives does not have standing, the people of the United States does not have standing.

To see chaos in action we have examples in the Mid East and Africa. Chaos leads to massive death. Chaos is a descent into barbarism. The latest example is the Crimea, which has experienced a loss of services with the separation from the UkraineIn the 1920s people in the United States were starving. Technology, and the stability of the system has eliminated that problem (some may say we still have hunger, but that is just saying we always want more).

Nazi Germany was the result of chaos.

It is the weak who are the first victims. you too will be a victim, though if the confidence in the rule of law is lost, the vast layers of government will be unconstrained. Separate jurisdictions will battle one another. We are now seeing the states against the federal government. Don't blame the states. We are allowing lawlessness to reign.

So we have jurisdiction. Lawlessness will definitely cause us harm. The founding fathers have directed us to use force if necessary, to defeat domestic enemies. Lets not let it get to that. Jefferson said the cause of liberty sometimes requires the blood of patriots. I feel I am a patriot, but I want my blood to stay where it is.

Dave Farnsworth

Friday, July 25, 2014

Republicans, the party of new ideas and new faces

Republicans, the party of new ideas and new faces

Ideas on making America more prosperous for everyone, but reducing dependance of some.

Summary of Paul Ryan's plan:

Democrats are a collection of hate groups and those seeking to continue the flow of corporate cronyism and special favors. They are dispensers of bribes with an expectation of kickbacks, which they receive both now and after leaving office.

""Offer states the option of a big block grant to replace existing federal welfare programs

"" Expand the EITC and make it work better

"" Fix federal education funding, partly with block grants

""Acknowledge that mass incarceration is a huge impediment to mobility and progress, and start addressing it""

""Get rid of regressive regulations""

""Emphasize evidence-based policy-making

Throughout Ryan's plan, there's a premium placed on ending programs that we have no evidence to suggest they work (or evidence that they don't work, in fact), while expanding programs that do work and are proven to have important spillover effects (the EITC, for instance). But many federal programs are just never assessed, period, or the assessment information isn't disseminated, so Ryan proposes creating a Commission on Evidence Based Policy Making, which would look into the possibility of creating a National Clearinghouse for Program and Survey Data — in theory, such an institution should be able to consolidate data on federal programs and assess their effectiveness in a useful way that protects privacy.

It is up to the voter to support new ideas. Both by voting every election, and by doing something more. Voters can't treat politics as a spectator sport. You are not just responsible for evaluating the candidates who present themselves, but encouraging people not otherwise interested, to run for office.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Democrats are pro terrorist, Anti Israel

Democrats are pro terrorist, Anti Israel

"" The United States is not yet down to one pro-Israel party. But the seepage among Democrats continues. At the 2012 Democratic convention, a fight erupted over the deletion from the party's platform of standard language acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel's capital. It took an order from the White House to restore the pro-Israel clause, and even then it had to be gaveled through over the vocal opposition of half the convention delegates.""

Not the mainline Democrats, but the self appointed progressive elite. How can they be so blind. Some are truly Anti American, anti-constitution, and contemptuous of the american way. Some are conformists, deriving their feeling of worth from the supposed moral high ground.

Unfortunately, they are all self deceiving.

I Agree, Democrats should fall on their Swords

I Agree, Democrats should fall on their Swords

It is the right thing

""give (temporary, paid-for) shelter to these kids are the ones acting like public servants. As the writer Sonia Nazario has pointed out, we expect countries next to ravaged places like Syria to absorb millions, not thousands, of immigrant refugees. The parallel isn't exact: Gang violence, however bad, isn't the same as full-out war. But the demands being placed on the U.S. aren't the same, either. Spread among the 50 states, these children are surely manageable. If you live in a blue state and you've ever shaken your head over anti-immigrant sentiment in the red states at the border, this is your moment. Tell your local and state leaders to be brave.""

Except we know that the whole thing is a democrat inspired scheme to disrupt the order in this country, to help them accumulate more power in the federal government. It is a heartless ploy causing untold misery and death. The Democrats are condoning rape and murder to feather their own nests.

The useful idiots of the Democrat mainstream are being used to help Obama loot the treasury for the benefit of himself and corporate cronies.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dem Are Against Religion, But They Don't Want You

Dem Are Against Religion, But They Don't Want You To Know

""The religious exemption debate has now been polarized to the point where people are saying, 'All or nothing,'" said Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, director of social policy for the center-left think tank Third Way, whose research and activism on gay marriage have been instrumental to that cause's mainstream acceptance. "The narrative that's now beginning to form is that Democrats are against religion. It's not true, and it's very dangerous."""

Dems are also against the constitution.

I believe in the literal interpretation of the constitution

Hillery Fading From View, So Should the Political

Hillery Fading From View, So Should the Political Establishment

""In the campaign year of 2016, the voters, angry and anxious, appear poised to grab power away from the establishment and invest it in candidates of the future.""

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It may be wishful thinking but this appears to be a possibility. It is up to the voters to take this opportunity to gain control of the local organizations. Be a good worker but don't let you time be waisted. Interconnect to form an overlaying organization, to focus on the reform of the parties.

Voting is not enough.  You should not a consumer of political views because what you want is not on the shelf. Make your views known, meet with others. Your precinct meetings are available to you

Call 520-360-6965 for information or go to

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Obama's Lawlessness reveled a larger problem?

Obama's Lawlessness reveled a larger problem?

""Is administrative law unlawful? This provocative question has become all the more significant with the expansion of the modern administrative state. While the federal government traditionally could constrain liberty only through acts of Congress and the courts, the executive branch has increasingly come to control Americans through its own administrative rules and adjudication, thus raising disturbing questions about the effect of this sort of state power on American government and society.""

The basis of administrative law is antagonistic to the democratic form of government and therefore the constitution. Progressive have been pushing this since before president Wilson. Is it time for a massive change?

Dave Farnsworth

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Krugman Ditto, of what has been said about him

A Krugman Ditto, of what has been said about him

""Volcker's comment, in full context:

The responsibility of the government is to have a stable currency. This kind of stuff that you're being taught at Princeton disturbs me. Your teachers must be telling you that if you've got expected inflation, then everybody adjusts and then it's OK. Is that what they're telling you? Where did the question come from?

Is Krugman leaving in disgrace? Krugman really is a disgrace … both to Princeton and to the principle of monetary integrity. Eighteenth century Princeton (then called the College of New Jersey) president John Witherspoon, wrote, in his Essay on Money:

This was followed by a show-stopping statement: "This kind of stuff that you're being taught at Princeton disturbs me."

Taught at Princeton by … whom?

Paul Krugman, perhaps? Krugman, last year, wrote an op-ed for the New York Times entitled Not Enough Inflation. It betrayed an extremely louche, at best, attitude toward inflation's insidious dangers. Smoking gun?""

Paul, the peak if Liberal intellectualism is exposed for what we knew he was. Will the low information voter notice?

Dave Farnsworth

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Presidency too Hard - Whiners need not Apply

The Presidency too Hard - Whiners need not Apply

""Clinton pursued agreements across party lines more consistently than either Bush or Obama. But this persistent polarization likely owes less to the three men's specific choices than to structural forces that are increasingly preventing any leader, no matter how well-intentioned, from functioning as more than "the president of half of America.""" 

There are too many people in  the Federal Government for one man too control. There is a solution here " There are too many people in  the Federal Government".  Delegate, delegate, delegate - to the states, not just the work but the authority.

The states are uniquely able to innovate, with failure rewarded by the states residents leaving. The resulting financial hardship can then be tied to policies. At the Federal level, there is no competing organization (especial as the congress has evolved into the old boy/ old girl network of theft and corruption (which they make legal for themselves only).

Therefore, be happy, don't worry.  Take your perks and let the states do the hard  lifting. Maybe pass a law to keep the gravy train but throw your special interests under the bus(they are so demanding). (It is cheaper pay you directly than to make you survive on merely a 10% kickback)