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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And So It Does

And So It Does

"Mr. Boehner's implicit argument is that the obligation of lawmakers begins and ends with posturing. Not compromising. Not moving the ball forward. And not accepting political reality and doing the responsible thing, which in this case is to maintain funding and operations at a department with 240,000 employees that oversees border and airport security, the Secret Service and dozens of other critical government functions."

The Senate could pass something, then the two versions could be reconciled.  That could then be sent the the President for approval. He could then decide if his unconstitutional actions were more critical than the operations mentioned. If he decides they are not, maybe they are not all that critical after all.

Friday, February 13, 2015

No More Mr. Nice Guy

No More Mr. Nice Guy
"We know ISIS is increasingly hated by the civilized world, and by many nations in the Mideast. Each day that brings new word of their atrocities, not only to prisoners but to local, subjugated populations, adds to the anti-ISIS coalition. But we also know they will not be defeated or decisively set back from the air. They have to be removed from the areas they hold. They need to be fought with boots on the ground."

But is that so? The biggest obstacles are those things you know that aren't so. Imagine you we a Roman general. They would agree that you need boots on the ground, but they would not agree with the constraints we put on ourselves.

Romans had two kinds of war, wars of conquest and wars of retribution. Now is the time for retribution. Nor would the Romans be concerned with collateral damage, since all of their damage was intended.

What is needed is an object lesson, and the means is the destruction of everything that supports life in the region targeted. That should be doable from the air. Get out the WW2 air attack manuals, and ask the Germans if they suffered.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

If Obama Was Accused of Being Christian

Could he be convicted

"This reaction was as predictable as it was disheartening. Conservatives have ample grounds to assail Obama on his handling of the war on terror and his belated response to the rise of the Islamic State.

Instead, they seem inexorably drawn to overstate, to detect insult to Americans and animus toward the United States where none exists. This reaction says more about Obama's critics, and their inability to accept his legitimacy, than it does about the president."

It could be we are channeling our Islamic apologists.  Maybe we are reacting to the unconstitutional actions, and his failure to enforce laws as written. I believe the major offense is pretending to be christian, and getting on his high horse to mock us with christian sounding words. Try that pretending to be Islamic.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

The war on the constitution

"What Republicans are really declaring war on is "political correctness." They're sure that liberal sensitivities about Islam are hindering the moral clarity America needs to win. Just don't ask them how."

You didn't ask, but I will tell you. Our freedom of speech is essential to our freedom, and ultimately our lives. Liberals who are sensitive to Islam, are what used to be called "fellow travelers". Any US citizens who give aid or comfort to the people of Islam who are attacking us, are domestic enemies of the United States. Those people of Islam, who give aid and comfort to the active fighters are also our enemies, and unless all of Islam at least attempts to suppress those fighters, there is no evidence they are not our enemies.

To be prudent, we must keep all of Islam at an arms length. There is no reason to refraining from insult to Islam, and a practical reason to insult them. That is to identify and thwart those easily led to violence, and deal with them.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

"This week, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul performed a

Ruth Allyn Marcus, willfully ignorant

"This week, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul performed a full Bachmann, with a Lazio twist (Rick Lazio, the New York congressman whose 2000 Senate campaign against Hillary Clinton foundered after an overaggressive debate performance).

Paul proved that a medical degree provides no inoculation against scientific illiteracy, suggesting that vaccines could cause "profound mental disorders." And he made Lazio look, well, gentlemanly, instructing CNBC's Kelly Evans to "calm down a bit here, Kelly" and, finger to lips, shushing her in midsentence during a discussion on tax policy."

Let's see, self important writer, or medical doctor, who do you believe. She seems to have been drinking the progressive cool aid and its gone to her head. It is an affliction that is romping through the main stream media soon to cause a general bankruptcy of ideas.

What could she know of scientific thought? Only through listening to others. And her others are like minded, and as weak minded as she.

Dr Paul's offense? Trying to keep Kelly Evans, from making a fool of herself.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Shunning Obama

Shunning Obama, let's Do It

"Even more humiliating is the treatment Carter receives from his fellow Democrats. At the party's convention in 2008, Steve Kornacki has noted in Salon, Carter "was pointedly denied a spot at the podium and allowed only a brief, non-prime-time video message. This led to one of the more awkward scenes from the Denver convention; while Carter and his wife walked onstage to wave to the crowd after the video, the podium was lowered into the floor—almost as if convention organizers were making sure he didn't get any ideas." In 2011, when Carter and the former president of Finland tried to brief the Obama administration on their trip to North Korea, no one from the State Department would see them. (According to The Nelson Report, an Asia policy newsletter, when aides suggested that Hillary Clinton meet the former presidents personally, she replied, "Hell, no!") Carter last year told Meet the Press that Obama never calls him."

What goes around comes around. Why not start shunning Obama now?

Monday, January 26, 2015

"Democrats were already wavering about the

Democrat 'In the bubble' Thinking

"Democrats were already wavering about the possibility of going against their president, but now that Netanyahu and Boehner have nakedly politicized the issue, it will give Democrats even more reason to stick with Obama. For years, Israeli leaders — and their supporters in the United States — have gone to great lengths to make support for Israel a bipartisan issue. Yet Netanyahu has repeatedly sided with the GOP against Obama — so much so that he is often derisively referred to as the Republican senator from Israel. This latest action will only increase the partisan divide, and weaken Democratic support for Israel under Netanyahu's leadership."

Democrats know Obama will throw them under the bus in a second. The Republicans are treating Democrat Senators much better than the Republicans were ever treated. Democrats reaching across the isle and denying they ever supported Obama, may be a wise choice. Run to the right? Run, Democrats run.