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Monday, January 26, 2015

"Democrats were already wavering about the

Democrat 'In the bubble' Thinking

"Democrats were already wavering about the possibility of going against their president, but now that Netanyahu and Boehner have nakedly politicized the issue, it will give Democrats even more reason to stick with Obama. For years, Israeli leaders — and their supporters in the United States — have gone to great lengths to make support for Israel a bipartisan issue. Yet Netanyahu has repeatedly sided with the GOP against Obama — so much so that he is often derisively referred to as the Republican senator from Israel. This latest action will only increase the partisan divide, and weaken Democratic support for Israel under Netanyahu's leadership."

Democrats know Obama will throw them under the bus in a second. The Republicans are treating Democrat Senators much better than the Republicans were ever treated. Democrats reaching across the isle and denying they ever supported Obama, may be a wise choice. Run to the right? Run, Democrats run.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Freedom of "approved speech" is no freedom at

Freedom of "approved speech" is no freedom at all.

"But are we really? Charlie Hebdo is a weekly paper containing cartoons and reports that is known for being very irreverent and extremely antireligious. It publishes a kind of satire, but what kind? Is it real satire, or is it pseudo-satire? And therein lies an important distinction."

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And anyone who thinks they know better, deserves no freedom of speech since I don't approve.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Delusional Democrats

Delusional Democrats

"If President Barack Obama had approval ratings safely above 50 percent, and the middle-class was flush, Democrats would have no hesitation wrapping themselves in the Obama banner. Conversely, if Obama were presiding over an economic collapse, failed war or White House scandal, there would be as many proud Obama Democrats as Hoover Republicans."

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If Democrats were not delusional, the second case would be true, although there are probably more Hoover republicans than you may think. Obama is the master of misdirection but as he looses power, is ability to hide the truth declines. When the truth comes out we will find that not only are they not Democrats, they never were.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Michael Scherer, Incompetent Journalist

"Long before he admitted on Monday to accidentally speaking before a 2002 conference organized by white supremacists, the Louisiana Congressman was playing offense and winning. His target was Van Jones, a former Obama Administration official who had worked on clean energy initiatives. "The last green jobs czar we had left in disgrace because he expressed comments embracing communism and actually tried to blame the government, the American government, for September 11th attacks," Scalise said in 2011."

One difference, target 1, the liberal, had his name on a petition stating a position. Target 2, a conservative, spoke just prior to a meeting of objectional people. Who but a liberal bigot, would claim equality here.

"But as with Jones, the case of Scalise is quickly moving beyond the evidence-gathering phase. The details often don't matter if the soundbite stings. The game is not played for justice, but to win.". In Michael Scherer case there never was a "evidence-gathering phase".

See refuting argument:

Friday, December 12, 2014

Maybe we can now find all those illegal alians

Maybe we can now find all those illegal alians

""Obama did not take time to explain when he made the announcement.

In fact, the president obscured what is happening by telling the covered illegal immigrants that if "you're willing to pay your fair share of taxes, you'll be able to stay. …" In fact, for many of those affected, "willing to pay your fair share of taxes" actually means "willing to accept an assistance check from the government."

If past practice is any guide, the Obama administration will likely start an aggressive, multilingual campaign to encourage illegal immigrants affected by the president's action to apply for as many benefits as possible. And if not all of them are actually eligible to receive the taxpayers' money? Well, no one will be checking that too closely.""

suckers! Obama has flushed you out, and it is in the republican interest to take you out.

Maybe you can all "self deport" using a new program to invade and improve the America's source contrives.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Doubling down To Stupid (that's you)

Doubling down To Stupid(that's you)
""Of course, the release of this report just now—which may lead to the deaths of more Americans, as the senator has been warned—is another sign of the Obama administration's desperation. Team Obama's genius for failure in every policy field, foreign or domestic, has left the administration's inner circle frantic to deflect attention from its parade of deceptions, derelictions and disasters. About the only thing left to them is to exhume, yet again, the mutilated-by-the-left corpse of the George W. Bush administration.""

This is not the way it is supposed to be, the Dems are supposed to be in charge, the public is supposed to believe what they are told, and the republicans are supposed to roll over.

Except for the last part, it isn't happening. But never mind, the Dems are not going quietly.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Lawless throws the weak and poor under the bus

Lawless throws the weak and poor under the bus
society has orders and rules, but not every society has the rule of law -- "a government of laws and not of men." Nor was it easy to achieve even an approximation of the rule of law. It took centuries of struggle -- and lives risked and sacrificed -- to achieve it in those countries which have some approximation of it today.

To just throw all of that overboard because of mobs, the media or racial demagoguery is staggering.

A generation that jumps to conclusions on the basis of its own emotions, or succumbs to the passions or rhetoric of others, deserves to lose the freedom that depends on the rule of law. Unfortunately, what they say and what they do can lose everyone's freedom, including the freedom of generations yet unborn.

If grand juries are supposed to vote on the basis of what mobs want, instead of on the basis of the evidence that they see -- and which the mob doesn't even want to see -- then we forfeit the rule of law and our freedom that depends on it.

If people who are told that they are under arrest, and who refuse to come with the police, cannot be forcibly taken into custody, then we do not have the rule of law, when the law itself is downgraded to suggestions that no one has the power to enforce.

For people who have never tried to take into custody someone resisting arrest, to sit back in the safety and comfort of their homes or offices and second-guess people who face the dangers inherent in that process -- dangers for both the police and the person under arrest -- is yet another example of the irresponsible self-indulgences of our time.

To say firm treatment of criminals is an affront to the black, Hispanic, or poor, is slandering the black, Hispanic, and poor. They should not be presumed to be criminal, nor should the criminals preying on them get a break.