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Friday, August 29, 2014

It is time to defund intolerant Universities

""By the end of the story, it seems that that's exactly what some of the Christians on campus are doing. Good for them. Interestingly, when you look at the list of religious student groups still officially recognized by the university, there are exactly three: the Muslim Student Association, Chabad, and Zion's Inspiration, a black Bible study group. I find it impossible to believe that the MSA, which is rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood (see Husain Haqqani on that point) and the Chabad Lubavitch ultra-orthodox Jews, would be willing to sign off on the university's requirement (and if not, G-d bless them for it). I'm willing to bet the truth is that Vanderbilt's administrators lack the spine to tell Muslims, Jews, and black Christians to comply or get off the campus. I could be wrong. Anybody know? If they signed the statement, why did they? How could they do it with integrity?

Anyway, as a father who has children who will soon be of college age, it's important to know that Vanderbilt has become a place that is anti-Christian.""

Universities, physical campus versions, are out of date.  No longer liberal, with a clique of progressive professors acting a gatekeepers to  keep out new ideas, it is no place to send untrained minds. Fortunately there are better and cheaper alternatives.

Any group of people off the street would be better mentors, and the acedemics are available on line. It will take some effort, but to avoid a life time of indebtedness, some effort would be worth it. And as to accreditation, with the progressive destruction of the economy, the surviving companies should be looking again at there valuing of a progressive university education.  An education showing individual initiative should be preferred.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A solution to current illegal resident situation

A solution to current illegal resident situation

1. Identify the illegals by all means available
2. Update laws regarding employment and public services to decertify benefits for individuals who are identified as illegal.
3. Notify employers and government services of their status
4. Notify individuals of their status and suggest they leave
5. Start deportation proceedings for people who don't take the hint.
6. Aggressively identify and remove government employees who obstruct the process

If they can't work and can't get food stamps, they will get hungry and leave. Others, not yet identified will leave before the benefits are cut off.

Extremely far apart but which side is extreme?

Extremely far apart but which side is extreme?

Stop and think about the following  quote for a second.

""Stop and think about that quote for a second. Global warming is a worldwide problem, which means it requires worldwide action, which means the U.S. will have to be part of some kind of worldwide regulatory scheme. Inhofe won't even think about it. And while Inhofe has a reputation as an extremist, he's not an outlier here. Yes, John McCain endorsed a cap-and-trade plan when he was the Republican nominee for president in 2008. But he's basically disavowed that idea. Good luck finding a prominent Republican in office who will even speculate about such a proposal today.""

If the author cannot convince the legislators of the truth of their assumptions (and the truth of global warming is an assumption), shouldn't they question their assumptions? Here the assertion is made with no supporting evidence.

From my viewpoint, the democrats are extreme and moving to be more extreme. Why is my view wrong and the progressive view correct?

You can't change my mind by filibustering the issues and shouting down opponents. You need to engage intellectually.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Kinder and Gentler Killing Machine, Doesn't

A Kinder and Gentler Killing  Machine, Doesn't work

""Killing the IS requires neither more nor less than waging war—not as the former administration waged its "war on terror," nor by the current administration's pinpricks, nor according to the too-clever-by-half stratagems taught in today's politically correct military war colleges, but rather by war in the dictionary meaning of the word. To make war is to kill the spirit as well as the body of the enemy, so terribly as to make sure that it will not rise again, and that nobody will want to imitate it.

That requires first isolating the Islamic State politically and physically to deprive all within it of the capacity to make war, and even to eat. Then it requires killing all who bear arms and all who are near them.""

We don't need nation building, we need nation destroying.  We can't be the good guys in white hats, and get this done. We need to be the berserkers with black hats no one wants to piss off. War is hell, and it needs to be to make war less popular.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

gumball immigration

gumball immigration

This disturbs progressives. why is that? If the numbers are wrong, challenge them. The presenter  has made some assumptions about why progressives want more immigration. Are they wrong?


1. our taking in millions of immigrants, will not significantly reduce world poverty, and may increase it.
2. our taking in more immigrants than we can assimilate will harm our economy.
3. no matter how many we take population growth will be orders of magnitude greater.
4. must help the people where they live.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Soul Mate from the recent Past

A Soul Mate from the recent Past

""A German-born Jew who emigrated to the United States in the 1930s and who, at the peak of his career—from 1949 to 1967—served as a professor in the University of Chicago political science department, Strauss was the author of more than a dozen books and some 150 articles and reviews about political philosophy. He examined the quarrel between the ancients and the moderns on the importance of religion, the moral and scientific premises of the social sciences, the impact of persecution on the manner in which great works of political philosophy were composed and, not least, the centrality to politics and justice of education. He was a brilliant and beloved teacher.""

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""Strauss also provided powerful support for constitutional democracy through his unorthodox, spirited, and multi-layered readings of Greek political philosophy. The classics, he showed, furnished weighty arguments for limited government, representation of the people's interests in a regime that constrained popular will, and the indispensable role of education in the formation of responsible citizens.

The liberal education once built around the Great Books that Strauss championed and practiced also nourished the liberal spirit. It involved not the inculcation of a doctrine but the cultivation of an understanding of the material and moral preconditions of freedom, and of the political moderation that secures them. Indeed, study of the invigorating debate among the best minds across the centuries about what justice requires and what nobility demands itself provides a powerful lesson of moderation.""

It is always comforting to find support for your ideas. It is always cheering to discover arguments that discomfort our supposed moral superiors.

Leo Strauss' Political Philosophy: Reviled But Redeemed

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hey buddy, you can't Leave, we own you

Hey buddy, you can't Leave, we own you
I was a Democrat because I believed in civil rights, like Lyndon Johnson. I was a Democrat because while it was clear to me that the Republican politicians were out of touch and cared for only the upper class, Democrats like Franklin Roosevelt cared for the masses and helping the working man. I was a Democrat because I believed in a strong defense and opposed communism, like John F. Kennedy. And I was a Democrat because I loved the fact that Kennedy understood we needed lower marginal tax rates.

By and large, none of these values are represented in the Democratic Party today. From where I'm standing, the party has largely abandoned its commitment to civil rights and instead allows race-baiters to be national power brokers. As spokesman for the Boys and Girls Clubs of New Jersey, I am hurt that there is not one Democrat in Washington who cares enough about the great inner cities of this country to help those in dire distress from poverty and crime. These cities are in worse shape than those countries from which all those illegal "children" crossing our borders daily are coming.

In my home state, if I can walk the streets of Camden to try to help the disenfranchised, why can't the Democrat in the White House walk the South Side of his hometown and do the same? In terms of caring for the working class, it seems as though Democrats are more interested in catering to the special interests, such as the trial lawyers, lobbyists and George Soros who fund their campaigns — rather than fighting for small-business relief to allow a higher minimum wage or (God forbid) middle-class tax relief.

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Barack Obama isn't black, he is just another skinny white progressive who hates his white self. While technically black, he was raised white. He feels no empathy for blacks, he feels no empathy for anyone.  He is a progressive and a member of the elite leadership class who are better than you. They are progressives and don't acknowledge the supremacy of the constitution or your rights. They know better than you what you need, get back in line.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Demise of a Bastion of Progressivism

The Demise of a Bastion of Progressivism

""When the process of innovation moves in from the edges of higher education and begins to disrupt the business models of leading public and private institutions, what will higher education look like? Considering the pattern in other industries, how should existing colleges and universities respond to the threat to their survival? Can they respond?""

 ""Innovative deans and college presidents often face tenured faculty who resist change. Moreover, they have a valuable and costly brand to protect, and elites who offer lower-end goods and services do court danger. Top clothiers like Nordstrom had to be careful about the perception of their valuable brand when they opened discount stores. Likewise, the more elite universities attach their brand names to less expensive, second-tier products, the more they endanger their brand and invite their primary customers to question the extra value they get for their $40,000 in annual tuition. They risk unbundling themselves from their own prestige""

""Where value-for-money rather than a tony brand is the competitive edge, colleges are more inclined to consider partnerships designed to gain an edge. For instance, several U.S. state university systems, including the State University of New York and the University System of Georgia, have teamed up with MOOC giant Coursera to offer online courses and test out new business models and teaching methods. Some international partnerships are reshaping graduate education in professional fields. The for-profit Kaplan University maintains a facility in Singapore, for instance, with academic partners all over the world, from Murdoch University ""

""Nathan Harden predicted in these pages not so long ago that thanks to the online revolution roughly half the nation's colleges and universities will cease to exist within the next fifty years. '""

I believe the most endangered Professors who no longer teach, and retain their status from the tenured status, not inherent ability.  They are part of a support group who back each other up.  See the principles in the global warming debate. once that edifice crumbles they have no fallback.  The principled opposers of global warming are likely to do well.  They have survived the fierce intellectual struggles with their intellect intact. That which you survive makes you stronger. Good, we will need them. 

Ignoring reality

Ignoring reality

""If you compare Obama with George W. Bush (okay -- a low bar), Obama wins, hands down.""
and if you are a hard lefty acolyte. "" Unlike Bush, Obama inhabits the reality-based foreign policy space, with no apologies."" If you consider Obama's alternate reality the "reality". "" Unlike Bush, he has no messianic zealots among his advisers."" That would be awkward in Obama's case since he is the Messiah  ""He gives the kind of well-considered responses that suggest a president who carefully engages with truly difficult policy conundrums."" So say the supplicants that surround him, what say you.

Would that all of this were true. We live in a dangerous world, full of vicious JVs like ISIS, so recently put down by the president. The barbarians are at the gate but are not visible to the president with his rose colored glasses. (By that I am referring to the international villains, not the republicans) That is not  to say the republicans are not threatening to sweep Obama and all his works into the dust bin of history.

But enough of this, the progressive not arguments are repetitive and tiring, We have some gate storming to do.