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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump is awsome

awsome. As a conservative I was suspicious of his serial untruths and exaggerations. I is clear that his statement were self cancelling so the was no attempt to conceal his views but only to confound the Democrat party.

The fruits are how he should be judged. The appoints made are great, including to to the supreme court nominations cabinet appointments.

The executive order to reorganize the federal government with citizen input is awesome. Trump has already out performed the last two republican presidents.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Creating utopia

    President-Elect Trump's Economic Advisory Council Member and Compact for America's National Spokesman Steve Moore was in Phoenix to make the case for the deep regulatory and fiscal reforms of the Compact. What is proposed is a framework of governance which gives local authority broad powers to shape a community to provide an optimal mix of regulation and freedom for your needs. The definition of this mix is dependent upon your personal needs and those of like minded individuals.

To achieve this, a zone is created free of arbitrary laws, regulation, fines and taxes. A negotiation with the existing authorities, county, state and federal to exempt the zone from thier control except for revenue that is currently provided from that area.

It is said local government is the best government and also that consistent, unchanging regulation enables growth. The proposed zones would have all control local except that requires higher authority. The basic law would be in the contract negotiated with the existing authority and fine tuned by local laws and regulation.

With this framework, it is possible to create both libertarian and socially active communities. The success of the community is judged by the economic success achieved. Not the optimal economic success but a minimum required to meet the zones contractual obligations. Those supporting the dependent will need to generate the funds needed to support the support needs. The funding of zone government is a fixed tax on land owners, as is the land as guarantee for the zone.

Prosperity District may not and shall not under any circumstances, directly or indirectly, principally or incidentally, or for any purpose, enjoy, accept, claim or exercise any power: (i) to levy any Tax; (ii) of eminent domain; (iii) of civil property forfeiture based on actions or omissions that constitute a violation of criminal law unless the owner of such property has been convicted of violating that criminal law; (iv) to furnish any Subsidy to Private Enterprise; (v) to establish or enforce by Regulation or otherwise, directly or indirectly, any monopoly or cartel in the provision of any good or service within its jurisdiction in derogation of the Common Law; (vi) to accept gifts, grants or conditional grants from any governmental unit, including, but not limited to, any state, county, municipality or the United States Government, which are sourced from taxes, government-imposed fees or fines, or borrowing which is secured or to be repaid by taxes or government-imposed fees or fines; (vii) to delegate all or any portion of its governing authority to any other entity or to accept the delegation of governing authority in addition to that expressly delegated by this Compact from any other governmental unit; or (viii) to permit any other governmental unit to exercise governing authority or jurisdiction within its boundaries (except as authorized by section 2(d) of Article II or as non-governmental persons may otherwise agree in adopting a venue selection clause or choice of law provision in a valid contract between them).

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Self help better than government help

"So I'm skeptical of the Democratic Party's claim they are the ones who stand for helping the poor, because creating government programs that give people money is not the same as truly helping them. Quite often, it actually hurts them. Neither are the party's motivations noble; the purpose of these programs is to secure and maintain a loyal voting bloc by making them permanent aid recipients, rather than actually helping them. I can't belong to a party that hurts the poor for the sake of political gain."

This argument is better than I could have done

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Donald, the USA, is a Representitive democracy

Donald, if you don't know this, how are you saying you can lead the USA? Colorado was a legitimate election conducted with precinct Committeeman voting who were duly elected two years ago.
"There is one process to become a precinct committeeman in all 50 states that you can begin today.  You are actually becoming a 'party official' so there is some formality to the process.  We are still researching the particulars for your own state, but there is one proven method that works every time regardless of your state. "
The process:
Note that all voters have the ability to participate.

Monday, April 11, 2016

drought of liberal ideas

There are plenty I'm ideas it is just that government action is neither, required or effective, except for getting out of the way.

""The problems of a small state college point to the weakness at the heart of liberal society—a weakness that undermines the strength of our republic at home and endangers world peace. And neither political party has the answers.
But the story airbrushes out the less cute problems besetting the institution. For example, Governor Rauner's office has pointed out that Chicago State has the highest administrator-to-student ratio of any state school in Illinois—one for every 17 students—and that it spends up to 45 percent of its total payroll on those administrators.
But that doesn't let Republicans off the hook. Just because deep blue Democrats prefer sentiment over analysis and let their allegiance to vested interests trump their concern for the poor is no excuse for Republicans to treat the students of Chicago State with indifference. It's fine to say "hold the line on taxes and starve the beast"—and there are times when this is necessary. But doing that alone is not a plan for better governance. Illinois' budget woes are a direct result of years of terrible decisions and the absence of serious planning at both state and local levels. And the chief victims of this neglect of duty are poor people—those who depend most on government for services.""

OK but not all Republicans are conservative. That is what the fuss is all about, Republican establishment and Republican voters who are on cruise control. The voters especially don't bother to educate themselves. They don't know who the elected officials are, and have that "let George do it" attitude,( referring, of course, to George Washington)

Treating voting as a consumer exercise is the problem. If you lose your vote through neglecting to be a active and informed, maybe you shouldn't have a vote.

Here is a plan, eliminate all government that doesn't work well. Trim redundant branches, then implement a plan to sunset every government sub-branch, replacing it with a new, well thought out structure, every 25 years staggering the replacement schedule. Extra points for making that a state or county level.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Is Donald the Man for Our Time?

I have struggled with this question, thinking the Donald was acceptable, but never thinking he is the  optimum choice. The following explains why, and it is the face in coalition against the republic.
He is a wreaking ball for the vested interests, and the vested interests are progressives of both parties. They will sell America down the river for their own advantage.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dems demand common courtesy                           After POTUS gives the American voter the middle finger.
"This is not a judge fight; it's so much more. It's about Obama being denied the common courtesy given to every president before," said a senior Democratic aide. "Thre options are unlimited. We just have to not screw it up.""
What this is about is Obama disrespecting the Constitution. He should be impeached, but we have to settle for disrespect. As to respecting the office, the office has too much respect as it is. The office is to respect the people. When has that happened?