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Friday, February 12, 2016

Dance of the "meat puppets "

Interesting phrasing:
"The sound of Democratic and Republican establishments — what I call the Combine — being kicked by voters where it hurts.

Right in the metaphors."

"What tricks will Clinton use on Sanders?

It won't be pretty. Politics in the South is like politics in Chicago. You need to put sawdust on the floor to sweep up the aftermath. "

"But that's the campaign as entertainment. What I'm enjoying now is a bit subtle, taking place in the shadows, where the establishment lords are quivering just a bit."

Thursday, February 04, 2016

What is a Precinct Committeeman, and why would I care?

A Republican Precinct Committeeman (PC) represents the GOP voters of his or her precinct at the County Republican Party level. But most importantly, a Republican Precinct Committeeman is the face of the GOP within the precinct. Arizona law defines a party's neighborhood leaders as Precinct Committeemen, who are elected by voters and have a duty to help their fellow Republicans vote. The state of Arizona is divided into 30 Legislative Districts. The Legislative District (LD) is the basic political operating unit.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The hubis of the New York elite

While explaining how Ted Cruz was eligible but didn't chose the New York values thing, the author is reviled to be in the New York bubble. His assumptions are many including that anyone not respecting the superiority of the elites both liberal and conservative, are lying about their convictions because there is only one view, theirs.

Ted Cruz's views are better articulated than the authors because he is forced to address the opposing views.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

American exceptionalism

The assumption in the above article, that american exceptionalism is a function of USA as a whole, that is of the government. Rather, it is the exceptionalism of individual Americans to influence outcomes. America is universally regarded as a desirable place to go, except for certain Americans.
Those who despise america and all things american, are the pampered rich. The pampered rulers of other countries also dislike the empowerment of the individual.
The American government is like other governments in being corrupt, and misusing its power. America is unique in the ability to counter balance this corruption. That this article is allowed, is somewhat unique.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The case for climate change concern

The case for climate change concern

I do not believe "climate change" as man made thing. What I believe that "climate change" is evidence of the corruption of science by the ignorant and cynical.

The advancement of science is always done by the inspired 1%. When the 99% of the science community can suppress the views of of the inspired, science is gravely degraded. The 99% are the apparatchiks of science, the organization men who are uninspired. The 1% are disrupters of order, the "chicken little" sceptics, those who don't "go along to get along".

I attribute this to " progressive poisoning". The human hubris that claims the many can and must suppress the few. The fixers of things not broken.

Fortunately, the progressive poisoning concentrates itself in the upper levels of government and can be excised with virtuous pruning. (I find myself subject to the poison in wanting to be in charge of pruning)

What is needed is a dilution of the poison by division and distribution.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The power in doing nothing

The power of the purse, gives considerable leverage with the confidence to wait.  Each time the Senate ignores legislation, or the president veto's it, there should be no rush to accommodate the other obstructionists.

It is said everyone abhors a pause in conversation then rush in to avoid the silence. Sustaining the pause can have a powerful effect.

"The deal, in short, makes sure that the government will fulfill its most rudimentary obligations. Federal law-enforcement agents will continue to go to work; food-safety inspectors will keep up their duties; park rangers will keep tourists from falling into Old Faithful, at Yellowstone. The debt ceiling will be lifted, so the government's credit will remain intact. And, because the continuing operations of these functions will be guaranteed through March, 2017, two months into the new President's term, the House and Senate will not be compelled to do anything else."

What this is saying, is the federal government will shoot the hostages if "we the people" don't go along to get along.  The deal permanently removed the debt ceiling cap. This is very bad. The former speaker is doing no one a favor except his cronies, who will now reward him.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Reaching out to the apathetic

Thursday, a few weeks ago, I listened to Bill Beard (head of Pima GOP),and  Christy Simone on
"Tucson wake up Tucson" show. They discussed the apathy of the voters in Tucson. We need to do something change that. Now when you knock on the door and say you are a Republican, and you have identified your self as part of the reason for the apathy.  Republicans are part of the problem we are just not doing the job we have been elected to do.

The executive group has been experimenting with ways to get in touch with the voters so as to find ways to get past this.  A small group has been started ( Lauren, Brad
D, and myself)to send letters to Republican voters to establish contact. We call it welcome wagon, and it targets newly registered Republicans.  We prepared  mailing lists of the newly registered then used mail merge to prepare letters to be sent. We have the tools ready, and have sent letters, with limited success. (No one responded)

I requested a new list of consistently voting Republicans in precinct 187, so I can identify those willing to be in communication with us. The plan is to experiment with categories of Republicans and wording of the letters to establish communication. More I would like to create groups with common interests who might meet together to express their frustration, and suggest means of addressing it.

In the longer term we would like to informed the electorate, listen to their ideas and bring them to this meeting.

I propose providing a forum for bitching and moaning.

The proposed members are regular Republican voters who are dissatisfied with the existing political system. "Mad as hell and can't take it any more". We can give them a place to vent. Who doesn't like that.

Channeling Frustration

in defense of the Bomb throwers (figurative only)

There is a lot of frustration out there. The New York Times is frustrated (  Since I am opposed to much of what the NYT stands for, it is instructive to examine their objections to Ted Cruz, and to determine if their objections would convert to positives for me.

"the ultraconservative fallback — the rabble rouser in the bullpen" – good.

"Green Eggs and Ham" quasi-filibuster" – very good.

"denunciation of the Republican Senate majority leader" – deserved.

"He's the patron saint of lost causes" – That's me.

"he's emblematic of the … Freedom Caucus" – yes.

Cruz has turned "petulance into a theory of governing" – What we are doing now isn't working. Ok.

"Cruz doesn't propose remedies", not true but irritating the NYT is sufficient justification it for a checkoff.

"His main use for other politicians, even in his party, is as foils" – I knew their had to be a purpose for politicians! Yes.

"Bush's … "I just don't like the guy." A positive point for hard core liberals.

"Cruz … to become monarchs of a kingdom that they supposedly want to topple, to gain power over a system that they ostensibly intend to enfeeble."  Exactly, what is wrong with that! Enfeebling is the answer.

The complaint is we are anti-government. We are in fact anti Federal government. The federal government is too big to succeed.  Various state governments are available to take up the slack. If the federal government shut down temporally to be reconstituted into a smaller working version, we would see true prosperity.  Not the phony several week shutdown, but one long enough for creative destruction to work as it does for corporations every now and then. 

Since every member of the federal government would object to this remedy, we might need a convention of the states to impose it.